RT Auditor Staff Survey Questions
QuestionResponse Option
1. Were you contacted by the real-time RT auditor within the last 3 months?Yes/No
2. Did you hear about another co-worker being contacted by the RT auditor?Yes/No
3. Is there a positive perception of the auditor duties?Yes/No
4. How was your overall interaction with the RT auditor?Rating Scale 1-5
5. Was it helpful that the RT auditor was an RT?Rating scale 1-5
6. Did feedback and interactions with the auditor change your practice?Yes/No
7. Did you feel that the RT auditor trial was effective in improving appropriate documentation and charges?Yes/No
8. Did the RT auditor assist you in education of department policies and practices?Yes/No
9. Would a non-clinical associate be effective in this role?Yes/No
10. Any comments?Blank type box
  • Table 1 includes the survey questions sent to RT staff after completion of the 3 month RT auditor trial.